Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Greetings from Tiny Thoughts

Tiny Thoughts may be a teeny weeny bit slow in replying to emails as we're currently busy with work and out of town (business visits) most of the time. However so, we're still able to deliver to you your handmade tiny thoughts! Just maybe a little slower than usual. =)

Thanks a lot for all the support and sorry for any inconveniences caused.

Much Love,
Tiny People

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tiny Thoughts of Dreams

As we move in closer to the new year, here's a special treat for you (and its a great gift idea too)!

HM41 Carousel of Dreams

Our little childhood dreams and memories of spending many carefree days happily riding on a carousel at a fair are encased in this adorable necklace with its spellbinding brass carousel charm.

Atop the carousel like guardians of our wishes are ruby red and clear Swarovski crystals and a "Made With Love" brass charm, all dangling from a long brass beaded chainlet.

We can't take our eyes off this mystical necklace with the miniature brass carousel horses chasing each other around and around the carousel in a neverending game.

Price : RM25

Of course, not forgetting our love for all things custom made, here's another example of a piece we created for a happy customer recently!

A delicate custom designed gold charmbracelet with various elements of different shapes and styles, as churned out by our creative elves! An elegant golden peacock takes center stage beneath rings of gold and pearls.

A miniature oriental fan and gold maple leaf charms are complimented with black and clear Swarovski crystals. There's nothing quite like it!

Looking for a unique gift to suit your vibrant personality? Drop us an email at handmadetinythoughts[at]hotmail[dot]com and we'll help create a custom piece that's just right for you!

Don't forget to have a go at putting together your very own charmbracelet too, with a wide selection of charms from our delightful collection! You'll be spoilt for choice!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tiny Thoughts Precious Gems

Here's another one for your exclusive Handmade Tiny Thoughts collection! Our brand new Gem of the Orient range!

HM37 Gem of the Orient Necklace

Inspired by one of our previous pieces, Jaded on a Vine, this necklace paints a picture of serene elegance with an oriental-inspired ball charm with cherry blossom engravings as the centerpiece.

Complimenting it perfectly are lines of large clear tear-drop and small emerald green Swarovski crystals. The tiny pearls adorning it add a touch of old-world charm.

Price : RM39

HM38 Gem of the Orient Charmbracelet

Simplicity was key with the creation of this delicate wonder. With oriental-inspired ball charms and milky marbled beads swaying gently with emerald green Swarovski crystals and pearls, its proof that less is definitely more.

Price : RM25

HM39 Gem of the Orient Earrings

The final touch in every fashionista's wardrobe has got to be a gorgeous pair of earrings! And what more can we say for this chic and adorable pair? Bunches of emerald green Swarovski crystals and pearls are strung up beneath milky marbled beads.

Price : RM23

For all you perfectionists at heart, its hard to walk out the door without a coordinating outfit, be it clothes or accessories! We've got just the deal for you!

HM40 Gem of the Orient Full Accessories Set

This gorgeous set comes with the aforementioned Gem of the Orient necklace, charmbracelet and earrings! We all know how important matching accessories can pull an outfit together, and this beautiful set is no exception! With an equally perfect price tag to match!

Price : RM80

Save more with the whole set!

How does one resist such temptations! ;)

Email us at handmadetinythoughts[at]hotmail[dot]com for enquiries! [click here] for order and payment info.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tiny Thoughts At Bijou Bazaar & Show Pink!

For all you die-hard bargain hunters and shopaholics, we bet the name Bijou Bazaar is no stranger to you! We're huge fans of the utterly cool concept of combining fashion, bargains, music, art and love all under one roof, and Handmade Tiny Thoughts just had to have a piece of the action too!

Did you spot us at last weekend's Bijou Bazaar at Menara Hap Seng, KL?

Look familiar?

Yeap, that's us! We shared a booth with online shopping blog My Closet Giggles to bring the best of fashion and accessories to you!

We brought our beloved charmbracelet kit along for the ride!

It was an opportunity for shoppers to have a look at our delightful assortment of charms and create their very own charmbracelet/earrings/anklet/necklace right there and then! How's that for instant customisation!

For those of you who missed the opportunity to have a peek, fret not! The SHOW PINK JUNKYARD RAYA SALE is back this weekend and Handmade Tiny Thoughts will be making an appearance there too!

We'll be there on Sunday (only) on the 28th of September from 1pm-7pm, so do drop by, tap us on the shoulder and say hello! And of course, bring home a Handmade Tiny Thought of your own!


27th & 28th September 08
Saturday & Sunday (Handmade Tiny Thoughts only there on Sunday)
From 1pm-7pm
Bombshell Boutique Salon
9-2 Jalan Telawi 2

[for more info check out the event on Facebook here]

We now return to our regularly scheduled programme of all things tiny and adorable!

HM36 Charmed With Moonshine

Pretty handbag charms are hard to come by, and this one is no exception! With dangling silver chainlets cascading down like streams of moonlight at midnight and our precious lock and key charms with exquisite amber and clear Swarovski crystals, this piece is a beauty!

A rustic orange semi-precious stone as round as the full moon to give it an ethereal feeling.

Price : RM33

Next, we have an example of a custom piece specially requested by a Tiny Thoughts customer!

A brass double-chained charmbracelet that goes perfectly with purple and amethyst Swarovski crystals. At one end of the charmbracelet, a ballerina charm dangles gracefully from beneath and twinkling shower of crystals. Absolute magic!

Need a custom piece done for someone special or for your own personal delight? Email us for enquiries at handmadetinythoughts[at]hotmail[dot]com!

[click here for order & payment info]

Don't forget! SHOW PINK JUNKYARD RAYA SALES this weekend! Be there! ;)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Limited Edition Handmade Tiny Thoughts Charms

Here are more Limited Edition Handmade Tiny Thoughts Charms!

*sold out


*sold out




*sold out

*sold out


107a (blue dress) & 107b (candy cane umbrella)

108a (juicy kiwi) & 108b (perky pineapple)



*sold out




These special charms are extremely limited as there are only one or two of each! Got your eye on any of these adorable little trinkets for a charmbracelet and such? Be quick! ;)


Check out our new charms collection, and create your own charmbracelet with these Limited Edition Handmade Tiny Thoughts Charms!


For your viewing pleasure, here's some pictures of a custom-made charmbracelet that an eager customer ordered from us recently!

With a black and white theme, the charmbracelet embraces monochrome simplicity with black and clear Swarovski crystals, a cute spotted sandal charm and a semi-precious stone.

A matching pair of earrings with black and clear Swarovski crystals in little bunches were created for this custom order too!

If you'd like a custom order made according to your specifications, or if you'd like us to let our imaginations run loose, do let us know at handmadetinythoughts[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tiny Thoughts Brings Charm Back

Handmade Tiny Thoughts are back in action again and to kick things off, we're jumping right in with everyone's happiest Tiny Thoughts - charmbracelets! We've added brand new charms to the mix and brought back some old favourites too! Look out for our special range of limited edition charms which are bound to bring some cheer to your day and a skip in your step!

You know the drill ;)


- Pick 3-6 (only) of your favourite charms from the selection below. We'll create any combination you desire!


A girl can never have enough handbags, and we don't need a reason why!

Petite little creatures to add some life to your charmbracelet.

Let the cherubic cupid and fluttery angel guide you through your day.

Little charms with big meanings.
*sold out: Item #15

A simple lock and key are all that you need to keep you safe.
*sold out: item #20

Glitzy and glam lock and key charms for a little sparkle.
*sold out: item #24

Gold never gets old for us, especially when it comes to precious charms like these!
*sold out: item #25

So you're always hitting the right note.

Juicy, fruity charms for a delightfully joyful day!

Just a tiny reminder ;)

More shining gold charms to wink in the sunlight.

Flower power has never been more charming!
*sold out: item #43

Who says you can't wear your wardrobe on your wrist?

Dainty little purses for a summer's day out.

Running around town with these wont hurt a bit!

Casual fun sandal and baby bootee charms for lazy days.

You don't have to limit your use of cute cutlery to the dining table.

All things brass and elegant.
*sold out: item #61

A starfish and a cowboy boot have nothing in common, but they look awesome just the same!

A few things to remind us that home is where your charmbracelet is.

Brass miniatures for whimsical twist.
*sold out: item #69

Handbags with a splash of colour.

Colourful swimsuits to remind you of that amazing holiday!

Oriental-inspired charms and floral-swirled glass beads to bring a look together.

We hope you have one with you at all times! ;)

This cute baby bootee will just make you melt.

Gorgeous ring charms with vibrant colours add a touch of class.

Now feast your eyes on our new range of adorable limited edition charms! There's nothing quite like them!

Each charm measures at approximately 2cm (slightly bigger than the usuals), therefore its best to make a simple charmbracelet out of them without too much additional charms from our regular range. These little beauties are worth every penny, so don't take too long to pick one! There's only 1 or 2 of each =)

Fancy a penguin pal?
*sold out

A teddybear to tell your tales to.

An electric blue shoe with bright pink flowers just screams for attention!

Hello Kitty sandals with purple trimmings are fit for any fashionista.

Not just your ordinary safety pin.

For all you fickle feline fans!
*sold out: item #89

Rainy day showers are never a dull moment.

Take flight in style.

Exquisite patterns mesmerises on a cross-shaped charm.
*sold out

Little winged charms with a mind of their own!
*sold out: item #93 & #94

Pink dolphins are always a pretty sight.

What's life without a little music to set the mood?
*sold out: item #96 & #97


- Next, pick 1-3 types/colours of Swarovski crystals out of the 27 available. Number of Swarovski crystals on your charmbracelet is subject to number of charms selected. Or if you cant decide, leave it to us and we'll choose the most appropriate colours to match your bracelet.



- Finally, choose between a gold,silver or brass bracelet.

Please note:
- Size of chain links of the bracelets might vary slightly from the picture above as it depends on our stockist's supply. Not a significantly big difference, but just worth a mention.
- The chain links of the bracelets tend to discolour over time. Rest assured, it isnt life-threatening and is a common occurrence in the colourful world of charmbracelets.


Drop us an email with the following details:

i) Name

ii) Contact number

iii) Selected charms (3-6 charms only per bracelet)

iv) Selected Swarovski crystals (1-3 types/colours only per bracelet)

v) Selected charmbracelet (gold/silver/brass)

vi) Preferred arrangement of charms (if any. or we'll arrange them at random for you)

Email to : handmadetinythoughts[at]hotmail[dot]com


Charmbracelet prices range from RM30-RM60+, depending on your selected charms. Once we receive your order information, we'll get back to you as soon as possible. [CLICK HERE] for payment and delivery information.

If you have any enquiries, please email us at handmadetinythoughts[at]hotmail[dot]com and we'll be more than happy to help!

Its great to be back!! Look out for more updates soon!